Texans J.J. Watt: “I Picked Up The Dolphins Snap Count From “Hard Knocks””


Well looks like HBO and the NFL have a little problem.

I guess we all know why HBO couldn’t get anyone to participate in their reality show “Hard Knocks”, I present to you example number 1:

Players picking up teams techniques with the power of DVR.

“You can’t really pick up too much from watching that show, but I got their snap count,” Watt told Erik Kuselias during an interview on “Pro Football Talk.” “It’s something you can really pick up (from) just about any TV copy. But I watched that, and that’s one thing I picked up. I used that a little bit.”

“Once the game gets going, you pick it up anyways, so it wasn’t a huge advantage, but any little thing can help,” he told Kuselias.

I guess this “little” advantage was an assist in their 30-10 win over the Dolphins Sunday. Well “Hard Knock” fans, dont expect this show to be on much longer, no professional team wants to become weakened by TV, especially reality TV.



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