Tiki Barber Says Roger Goodell Has Become Jerry Springer

former Giants running back does a weekly article for USA Today detailing his thoughts for the week, and giving his expert analysis on everything NFL.

Pure comedy in my opinion, but who am I.

This week Tiki took aim at the commish who is going through his own bit of adversity right now.

You would have had to been on Mars for a month to have no knowledge of that adversity.

Today Tiki gave his take on Roger Goodell.

“I’ll let the cynic in me decide whether the replacement officials situation is a blatant disregard for the integrity of the game by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, or a fiendishly brilliant attempt at stealing social media databytes from the Kardashians (yes, even they were tweeting Monday.”

“But the NFL has become a sordid reality show, with angry actors throwing temper tantrums and dissing one another. It’s the Housewives of (fill in the blank) in shoulder pads. What’s next, Omarosa the back judge?”

Despite the NFL’s best efforts to convince us otherwise, the replacement refs stink and are not getting better. We know it. Goodell knows it. And we know he knows it.

It’s bad for the NFL when more time is logged on Twitter talking about fill-in part-timers than the stars who drive fans — and money — to the league.

But maybe this is what Goodell wants.

After all, he has become Jerry Springer, a smirking host trying to break up fights between angry guests on his show.

Tiki Barber is going to make himself relevant by any means necessary.

One thought on “Tiki Barber Says Roger Goodell Has Become Jerry Springer

  • Tiki been talkin out his ass for years….why is this news? Someone tell tiki to have a coke and a smile and to shut the fuck up giants did very good with out his bitch ass

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