Tony Romo Is Unfazed By Return To Seattle

Six years is a long time for anyone.

When that time span starts to define your career or legacy, it can feel like a lifetime.

January 6, 2007 will go down in infamy for one Antonio Ramiro Romo.

That botched field goal against Seattle in the Wild Card round continues to dog him regardless of whatever he accomplishes.

For every big play makes, comes a reference to his inability to be clutch.  all based off that game.

Sunday Romo returns to Qwest field for the first time since that day. via has evidence to suggest that it’s no big deal to Romo anymore.  Romo feels the play helped him grow.

“Shoot, it feels like I was 10 years old back then.”

“Football is a great game; it teaches you a lot of lessons. Your ability to interact with other people, how to develop into a leadership role, lots of things. But you put your head down and just get better.”

That play was a long time ago.  People continue to reference it through all his slip ups.

The only way for Romo to truly live it down is to take the Cowboys on a long playoff run.

Sunday may catapult him to that.