Two Wisconsin Brothers Jailed After A Game Of Madden Leads To Brawl

This story is hilarious and so easy to play out in my head.

How many of us have engaged in a game of Madden with a friend or sibling, and regardless of the fact that it’s a video game, its gets beyond heated.

The Journal is reporting that two Racine, Wisconsin brothers were recently jailed because their game of madden got out of hand and turned into and outright brawl.

21-year-old Michael Mayweather and his 19-year-old younger brother abrey were playing a game of Madden Monday afternoon in Abrey’s apartment when Michael started taking his beating and his brothers taunting personal.

Abrey reportedly told his brother to step outside so they could handle it like men.  Michael locked his younger brother out of his own apartment, and it was on from there.

The front door was ripped off the hinges, and a full-out brawl took place in the hallway.

One witness reportedly told police the brothers are “really rolling.”  When asked to clarify his statement the witness told police Michael had the little brother in a headlock.

It’s a shame this happended because before the fight took place, Michael reportedly spent 4 days out of the week at Abrey’s apartment to be near his probation officer and anger management classes.

I couldn’t imagine why he would need anger management classes.

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