UFC President Dana White Goes Off On Jon Jones And Greg Jackson Again

Jon Jones stated earlier in the week that he had moved on from his UFC 151 cancellation and wanted to focus on the future.

Jones even spoke about having a conversation with UFC president Dana White and clearing things up.

Looks like that conversation will be a little more intense.

MMA Torch is reporting that White lit into Jones and his trainer Greg Jackson once more for comments the two made a few weeks ago.

Speaking to reporters from his Las Vegas office, White let the duo have it again.

“The Jon Jones piece of meat f***ing thing. When I see him in f***ing Toronto, that’s the first f***ing thing we’re going to talk about.”

“Piece of meat? Give me a f***ing break.”

“That sounds like something a male supermodel would say: I feel like a piece of meat out here,” White mocked. “That pisses me off worse than f***ing canceling the event. I just heard that one today, Jim Rome told me that.”

“Every time somebody asks me if I take responsibility for canceling UFC 151 on f***ing Twitter, it’s like ‘ Yeah, how’s it my fault?'” White said. “If somebody can even try to give me an idea of how that’s my fault that 151 got canceled, I would love to hear it.”

“Dan Henderson should have told me three weeks before that his f***ing knee was hurt, and maybe I could have saved it. And Jon Jones should have fought f***ing Chael Sonnen. And his f***ing goofy trainer should have kept his face shut.”

“The thing that drives me crazy about Greg Jackson is Greg Jackson has this whole little thing where he’s the nicest guy in the world, the nicest guy you’ve ever met. Real quiet and humble. He’s a f***ing hardcore businessman,” White said. “That’s what that guy is. He plays the whole thing with Jon and Rashad [Evans] and f***ing Jardine and all these guys ‘We’re all family, we’re all brothers. We’re a big family here and that’s what we are. We won’t fight each other because we’re family.’

“You’re not family. You train together. Yes they like each other. There’s a lot of nice guys in MMA. Keith Jardine is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Rashad is cool too. This sport is full of nice guys. [But Greg] plays this card with these guys… The only reason we even know who Greg Jackson is cause of f***ing Diego Sanchez. Diego Sanchez came out of his camp because of GSP. GSP wanted to come train at Jackson’s camp and Diego was like f*** that s***. ‘This is my house, man. I’m going to have to fight this guy one day.’ What did Greg Jackson do? GSP is down there isn’t he. You know why because he believed GSP would f***ing beat Diego Sanchez. He made a business decision. I will take him over him. What happened to f***ing family?”

These three have a ton to address.  I’m not sure their relationship can be anything besides business at this point.

White thinks Jackson is a shady business character.

Many people think White does super shady business, and Jones is the supposed moody not people person stuck in the middle.

Rough I tell you.


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