Vanessa Bryant Selling One of the Mansions Kobe Gave to Her

Vanessa is a hustler.

Once she threatened to get a divorce, Kobe panicked and started to hand over property and cash to her. Kobe didn’t just hand over one mansion to Vanessa he handed over all three.

She completely owns all of the homes and in theory could kick Kobe out of the properties at any time. One of the mansions according to TMZ, she will be selling for $3.75 million.

That is a million more than what Kobe purchased the home for. Since, Vanessa didn’t put any money into the home the $3.75 million goes right into her pocket and Kobe doesn’t get a dime of that.

Remember how they said the only person who could hold Jordan under 20 points was Dean Smith? Well, the only person who can control Kobe Bryant is Vanessa.

Good luck with that Bean.

4 thoughts on “Vanessa Bryant Selling One of the Mansions Kobe Gave to Her

  • This article is irrelevant. What’s $3.75M to Kobe. Cheaper to keep her. Give her 3 mansions or half? you do the math.

  • That’s what he gets. These stupid athletes marry video girls, pretend models, playmates and the like and they get taken every time. I hope she gets everything he makes. Stupid butthole.

  • This article is just another opportunity to show Rob’s poor grammatical skills.

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