Vince Young Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Treated Differently Than Peyton Manning

There are two ways of looking at this.

Maybe VY just having a bad day and wanted to retweet someone who was making a terrible comparison, but was supporting him or VY really believes this.

If it is the former I get it, if it is the latter then you have your answer as to why he isn’t playing currently in the NFL.

Vince Young is more talented that a lot of the backup quarterbacks and maybe even a few of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

But, you would think by now he would know it isn’t all about talent and athletic ability, it is much more than that. While I do believe in a few instances Young has been treated unfairly, in the majority of instances his actions has been the reason for his downfall.

Until he accepts the responsibility for that and stop believing he has been railroaded he won’t step foot on a NFL field again.

The underlying message that because Young is black and Peyton is white he wasn’t afforded the same opportunities to make the same type of mistakes, is just stupid.

I mean really comparing yourself to Peyton Manning?

He could have at least used Ryan Fitzpatrick or Kevin Kolb, but Peyton Manning? Don’t give more credence that the Wonderlic test is an accurate assessment of one’s intelligence.

Just stop.

4 thoughts on “Vince Young Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Treated Differently Than Peyton Manning

  • That photo of Vince is terrible, lol. But I guess that’s why you continue using it every time you post a story about him.

    Vince Young is not mature enough to be an NFL quarterback.

  • All VY did was re-tweet a silly post. Any criticism should be directed towards the person that originally made the tweet.

  • The original tweet was by his agent. Wow, I would think you would do a little research. She is a well know agent for TSizzle and Tony Gonzalez among others. This sight is a joke.

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