Warren Sapp Apologizes for Using the Word “Retard”, but Not to Brandon Marshall

Honestly, out of all the crazy things Warren Sapp has said this was probably the least egregious to me. It isn’t uncommon for someone to use the word retarded to describe someone saying stupid things.

Not the greatest choice of words, but nothing in my mind you should have to apologize for. Frankly, Brandon Marshall who continues to act like Sterling Sharpe was some run of the mill wide receiver does sound stupid with those comments.

The problem Sapp has is he credibility is shot, so when he makes critiques people are going to point out his failings, but his job it to critique, so what is he suppose to do?

I am sure he doesn’t mean this apology, but here is what he had to say courtesy of the speleb.com.

“I want to apologize to all those who I offended with my poor choice of words,” Sapp said. “I certainly meant no disrespect to those who have some type of disability or special needs.”

Didn’t apologize to Marshall, maybe because he wants to fight him in the parking lot.