Woody Johnson Says The Jets Are Not A Circus Act

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson has a message for everyone.

After months of rumors about whether the quiet owner is fixated on wins on the field or back page headlines.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Johnson wants you to know he takes his football team serious and expect results.

“We’re deadly serious about what we’re doing here.”

“(We’re) trying to win games and trying to represent our fans as they expect us to represent them,” said Johnson. “We learned this in third grade: sticks and stones and all this stuff about calling people names, that’s what that is… I’m not in this to create a circus environment.”

Johnson has com under fire for remaining quiet while the Jets as a team have been compared to a circus, because of the constant media attention and daily antics from someone on that team.

Johnson would not speak on the futures of head coach Rex Ryan or general manager Mike Tannenbaum’s job security past this season.

We won’t have a full grasp of how serious Johnson takes winning until the Jets miss the playoffs again, or implode from within due to infighting and jealousy like last season