Aaron Maybin Says Jets Want To Knock Reggie Bush Out Legally

Even amid their offensive struggles, the New York Jets defensive is feeling tough lately.

We reported yesterday that Jets safety LaRon Landry already feels Reggie Bush is scared of him, and he will continue to head hunt.

Now another Jet feels the need to add his tough talk an intimidation to the fray.

ESPN New York is reporting that Aaron Maybin simply wants the opportunity to knock Bush out.

“We want to knock him out, but we’re out to do it legally.”

“We feel like we can kick guys’ butts legally, in between the hashmarks,” Maybin said. “That’s what we need to do against Reggie.”

Reggie Bush decided to take the high road on the matter, and avoid joining in on the trash talk this round.

“Not at all,” he said. “Retaliation? They’re the ones who started it. If there was ever any retaliation it would come from us. But you know what? With this team, and the caliber of guys and character of guys that we have, we play with respect for the game.

“It’s football. I didn’t go and complain or whine about being a target of the Jets. I expect that every game. So I wouldn’t expect it to be any different this game.”

Ah those big bad New York Jets.


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  • Talk is cheap…just STFU and play the game

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