Aaron Rodgers Calls Shannon Sharpe’s Criticism Of Him Stupid And Uninformed

We media types can be tough nowadays.

How many quarterbacks fresh off an MVP season where they threw for 45 touchdowns and 6 interceptions would have their ability and character questioned.

That’s exactly what took place Sunday on CBS’s pregame show, analyst Shannon Sharpe sent some ether Rodgers way.

“I think they have some deeper issues, but let’s get to the surface issues right now. They can’t run the football, so that puts a lot of pressure on Aaron Rodgers and that poor offensive line. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t always do a great job of getting rid of the football on rhythm. So now he’s taking some unnecessary sacks. But what I see is a lot of finger-pointing by Aaron Rodgers. I don’t really know Aaron Rodgers, haven’t been around him. But he strikes me as a guy that, it’s always someone else’s fault other than his own. I’m not so sure, I’m not so sure, that deep down inside, how well his receiving corps really likes Aaron Rodgers.

“I tell you what else, just because you’re a great quarterback and an MVP quarterback that doesn’t make you a great person. There is a difference between the two.”

I’m not sure what the early season struggles of the Packers have to do with Rodgers as a man, but we’ll chalk that up to Sharpe trolling.

Sharpe wanted some attention and according to Yahoo Sports, he got it and then some from Rodgers.

Rodgers blasted Sharpe on a ESPN Wisconsin radio broadcast, calling Sharpe’s comments, “stupid, and uninformed.”

“I didn’t hear some of it until after the game, to be honest with you. In this country, I think freedom of speech is a very important part of our culture. That being said, anybody can have an opinion about anything regardless of how stupid it might be, or uninformed. There are often stories out there that have very little truth to them; that are based on feelings or images that you want to conjure up or situations that you think you understand when you really don’t. I think more than anything this week, one reminder that [Packers head coach] Mike [McCarthy] and I talked about was just controlling the things that you can control. We’ve had a lot of adversity around here in my fifth year starting.

“And I think that’s one thing that sometimes is easy to forget but it’s a good reminder, that there’s always going to be distractions and opinions and things going on that are outside of your control. In this case there was. It’s easy to criticize. Maybe some of these people have been waiting to criticize us after the success we’ve had, whether they have personal vendettas against myself, or Mike or our team. A team failing that is supposed to win is a lot easier of a story to write than a team that’s supposed to win that is meeting expectations. Teams that aren’t meeting expectations and teams that aren’t playing as well as pundits have picked them to be, it’s easier to jump on them. It’s the easy road for those people and they decide to jump on it.”

Troll on Shannon, Troll on.



One thought on “Aaron Rodgers Calls Shannon Sharpe’s Criticism Of Him Stupid And Uninformed

  • Are You SHADING Shannon?!??

    I’ve heard YT NFL Commentators say FAR MORE ABSURD Things regarding A-Rodgers Though… Shannon’s a LEGIT Hall-of-Famer and MULTIPLE Super Bowl Champion and ONE of THE BEST TEs to ever play the Game (These ARE FACTS…)

    Making “From The GUT” Comments and Perspective regarding HIS Profession is ALLOWED and Quite Often VERY WANTED… A-Rodgers needs to quit acting like a BUTT-HURT Snob and Start performing LIKE The ALL-PRO QB Everybody THINKS HE IS Though (Yup…)

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