Andrew Bynum to Have Another Procedure on His Knee

Bynum is already sitting out of Sixers’ camp with a bone bruise to his knee that doesn’t seems to be getting better. To help speed up the healing process Bynum is going to have another procedure done on his ailing knees.

Here is how it is being describe courtesy of Pro Basketball Talk.

Bynum will undergo a previously scheduled procedure that puts fluid, or as many call it “motor oil” into the knee. That fluid will act as a joint lubricator. It is a common procedure, given by injection that minimizes pain often associated with knee arthritis.

The Sixers are hoping Bynum will be back for the start of the regular season, but I have my doubts. Looking at the situation long-term, the amount of maintenance that Bynum is having done to his knees, makes you wonder how much longer he can last in the NBA.

There is only so much “motor oil” can do before you are taking the midnight train to Odenville.

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