Alex Rodriguez Caught Flirting With Female Fans During Game 1 of ALCS (Photos)

During Saturday’s Game 1 of the ALCS between the Yankees and the Tigers while Arod was benched in the 8th inning for Eric Chavez, the star 3rd baseman was caught openly flirting with two female fans in the stands.

According to the NY Post Arod flirted with two women sitting behind the dugout. Arod’s approach was pretty brash as he reportedly wrote a message on a baseball asking for the girls’ number then had a ball boy hand the ball off to the girls. One of the girls who, the surprise of no one, was a blonde wrote on the ball and tossed it back to Arod. After that, a series of flirtatious glances were exchanged before Arod got refocused.

Yankees fans can’t be relieved hearing news like this especially during the same game where their team was done 0-3 while this alleged exchanged happened. Not to mention that this is also the game where Jeter went down with a season ending injury. Could this explain why Arod has been a non-factor at the plate? The curse of Kate Hudson lives on….

Photo of the alleged women courtesy of Guyism.

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