Asante Samuel Says Andy Reid Wouldn’t Talk to Him; Says Falcons Have Better Coaches

Asante Samuel sounds a bit like a bitter ex girlfriend.

Instead of being happy in their new relationship, they can’t stop talking about their old relationship. Samuel talked trashed all week about the Eagles, but now wonders why Andy Reid doesn’t want to talk to him.

Can you believe that? Andy Reid didn’t speak to me. Like it’s my fault, like what did I do to you? You know what I meant? I think it was the way we was dancing out there; it got to him a little bit.

You can’t always blame somebody. Sometimes you got to take the fall on yourself. Andy Reid, why didn’t you speak to me? What did I do to you man? I got nothing but love for you Big Red.

He wouldn’t speak to me, man, can you believe that? As happy as I am, he wouldn’t even tell me ‘great game Asante, I love ya man.’

The difference between these teams? I think it’s the coaching. We got really good coaching, we run the ball. Time of possession is real good.