Asante Samuel Tells Eagles Fans You Better Cheer For Me

Atlanta Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel is a different kind of cat, a unique personality.

Samuel is not hiding the fact that he is ready to return to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles.

Earlier in the week, Samuel declined to speak with or be interviewed by Philadelphia media.  

Yesterday according to Pro Football Talk Samuel was interviewed by and in typical Asante fashion put on a media show.

In a scene reminiscent of Ricky Williams some years ago, Samuel wore a helmet, indoors, as he held court.

During the interview, Samuel let it be known, Eagles fans better cheer for him.

“They better cheer for me.”

“They’re going to cheer for me or we’re going to have a problem right there in Lincoln Financial Stadium. All y’all fans, all I did for y’all, y’all better cheer for me.”

During the interview Samuel could not hold back his excitement, and admitted he’s extremely motivated to return to Philly.

“It’s not any game, I’m going back home,” Samuel said. “It’ll be exciting. They’ll be happy to see me. Everybody gonna cheer for me.”

When asked why he was wearing a helmet, Samuel was honest again.

““I’ve got a lot of personality issues.”

Personality issues, you don’t say.

Asante Samuel Addressing His Return To Philly