Avery Johnson Says Brooklyn Nets Are Similar To Bad Boy Pistons

I’m not sure where Brooklyn Nets head coach Avery Johnson is going with this comparison, but I assume he wants a nasty defensive team, and a group that emphasized team in every aspect of the game.

The New York Post is reporting that Johnson likens his new Nets roster to those of the late Bad Boy Pistons.

“The main thing is it’s about putting together a team, and that’s something that Billy and I talked about, putting together a team,” Johnson said in an interview on Mike’d Up with Bruce Beck early Monday morning. “If you look at the 1989 Pistons, they were a team. We feel we have that type of player in Joe Dumars and the Dennis Rodman’s, guys like Reggie Evans that can do the dirty work … but, again, you look at teams, we’re trying to be the best team.

“We don’t have to be the best individuals.”

Hey he’s the coach, if he thinks he has those type of players with those intangibles, who am I to question him.