Bengals Cheerleader Receives No Jail Time For Having Sex With Student Who’s Now Her BF


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Call me crazy, but if I was a teacher and I had sex with a 15 year old girl I doubt I would have gotten probation.

I could be wrong, but I feel I would be thrown under the jail for a very long time.  I also believe that even if I was given probation, I wouldn’t be allowed to still have contact with my victim let alone leave the courtroom with her hand and hand.

According to Deadspin that is what happened with Ex-Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones.

Jones is quite a character, she had a legal battle with the website over some accusations she was giving out STDs to Bengals players (she won the suit), but this situation was a little more serious.

While she was cheerleading she was also a part time teacher at a high school where she started to get it on with one of her students.

After she was arrested she went on National TV and denied everything.  That was a lie of course, not just because of her plea deal, but because the victim is now her boyfriend.

She pleaded to a lesser charge of sexual misconduct after admitting having a sexual relationship with the boy.  She will be put on probation for five years and won’t be allowed to teach ever again.


No worries for her, because the lawyer who defended her gave her a job at his office.

The American justice system is FANTASTIC.

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  • All i have to say is WOW!!! it is truly hard out here for us folk of color!

  • She probably did a little “cheering” for her lawyer too.

    • No doubt…..

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