Bengals Cheerleader Who Had Sex With Her Student is Getting a Reality Show With Him


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Can you imagine if say Lawrence Taylor who is being sued by a underage hooker he had sex with started a relationship with her and because of that got a reality show out of it?

Double standards will always be a part of our society, no reason to get upset about them all, but this one is a little disturbing.

Sarah Jones had sex with one of her students, denied it for months, ends up admitting she lied and pleads guilty, but gets no jail time and for all that she is rewarded with a reality show according to The Big Lead.

According to a well placed insider, 495 Productions, the creators of Jersey Shore, courted the 27-year-old, who finally admitted in a Kentucky court earlier this month that she had sex with the 17-year-old boy after months of vehemently denying any wrongdoing. Now Jones is being given her own reality TV show.

The boy who is now her boyfriend will also appear in the show.

Love our justice system.