Bowling Green Basketball Coach Louis Orr Was A Victim Of A Hate Crime

Its sad that we still live in a society where people still commit these senseless crimes. Every time we as a people attempt to move forward we get pulled ten steps backwards.

According to reports from, Bowling Green Basketball coach Louis Orr was a victim of a hate crime. Vandals wrote “white power” and a swastika in front of Orr’s home.

Police says that Orr’s wellbeing isnt Lieutenant Biller said the graffiti “is what we could consider to be intimidating statements and symbols, but there were not any direct threats made. There wasn’t anything that would suggest anyone is in danger of immediate harm.”threatened and the crime is isolated.

“I’m considering it to be an act of graffiti and vandalism,” Bowling Green Police Lt. Brad Biller said Monday. “I don’t consider this a widespread problem in our community.”

Orr is 76-82 since taking over the basketball team in 2007.

Whether the vandalism was from a student at school or just a random criminal,its wrong. Hopefully the perpetrator will be caught and justice will be served.