Brandon Marshall Lectures Stephen A. Smith on Religion & Tim Tebow (Video)

It always comes back to Tim Tebow doesn’t it?

I am the first to admit that the way sports are covered now is different than it was ten or even five years ago. People are interested in the Sports Entertainment side as much as the Xs and Os these days.

Something though, I just feel like Allen Iverson and want to scream……….


What does Brandon Marshall spiritual conversion and Stephen A. Smith calling Tim Tebow a garbage quarterback have to do with anything?

I can normally find relevance in anything, but I am trying to connect the dots on how a private conversation about religion turned in Brandon Marshall sounding like Creflo Dollar and Stephen A. Smith giving shout outs to his pastor.

Skip Bayless is a grand puppet master and he had Brandon and Stephen dangling from the strings. It got the desired reaction because it forced me to watch the video.

ESPN has some very quality shows. I still watch Around the Horn, PTI, Sports Reporters, E:60 and the 30 for 30 series is excellent, but 1st Take has turned into something that isn’t enjoyable to watch.

It is one thing to be lighthearted about topics, it is another thing to listen to 10 minutes of why Christians can’t say a quarterback who doesn’t even play is bad.

I wish Jalen Rose would come back to the show.

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  • Skipocrite Clueless is a blowhard, tool & douchebag & First Fake is the worst show on ESPN!!!

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