Brandon Rios Wins The War Against Mike Alvarado by 7th RD TKO

Many times fights don’t live up to their wild expectations, this was not one of those times.

There wasn’t one clinch in the entire fight. Power shots were being thrown from the opening bell of Round 1 until the end of the fight in Round 7.

The most interesting thing about this brawl in my mind was that Alvarado was winning the fight by being the better boxer. He was landing his jab and more combinations (on the official scorecards two judges had it even and one had Rios up).

You just got the feeling though after some bombs one fighter was going to break.

Honestly, I thought it would be Rios, but he kept throwing and he wobbled Alvarado in the 6th and it carried over to the 7th, when a barrage of punches left Alvarado defenseless on the ropes.

Some are saying the stoppage was premature, but the ref has to be concerned about the safety of the fighter and Alvarado didn’t complain at all.

Definitely a Fight of the Year candidate and I would LOVE to see a rematch.


In the main event which seemed to play out more like a undercard fight Nonito Donaire KOed Nishioka with a straight right hand after toying with him for most of the fight.