Browns Fan Dunks Head in Urine Bucket for $450 (Video)



I know we are in a recession, but there are a lot of ways to make $450 that don’t involve you dunking your head in a bucket of urine.  I will tell you this though, as soon as the person in the video started talking like Dale from King of the Hill, I knew something bad was going to happen.


I would love to know the back story behind this, actually I don’t.

Pro Football Zone track down the video and I believe I know why the Browns will never prosper now.  With that being said, they did beat the Bengals after the Urine Dunking, so maybe it will become a weekly thing until they lose.

It is better strategy than drafting an injury prone running back in the Top 3 of the draft.

2 thoughts on “Browns Fan Dunks Head in Urine Bucket for $450 (Video)

  • Einsteins. We are surrounded by Einsteins.

    I have heard of blood money. This is new.

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