Browns Fan Stabs His Father In The Leg In Dispute Over Point Spread

The saying is that blood is thicker than water, but I guess everything goes out the window over a bet regarding the point spread.

USA Today is reporting that a nice father and son trip to Buffalo Wild Wings turned ugly after one of the two men refused to pay up over a bet.

Reports say Logan Knight and the elder Knight traveled to a Heath, Ohio Wild Wings to watch the Browns take on the New York Giants this past Sunday.

At some point the two stepped outside to argue about a bet.

The father slammed Logan’s hand in a car door and punches ensued.

After the two were separated by bystanders, Logan allegedly stabbed his 51-year-old father in the leg.

The elder Knight was taken to a local hospital, and Logan was charged with aggravated assault.

Reports are unknown as to which family member had the Browns covering the +10 spread against the Giants.

Suffice to say, after hanging close with the Giants until halftime, the Browns eventually lost 41-27.


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