Bubba The Love Sponge Taped Many Friends Sexing His Wife, Not Just Hulk Hogan


Would that make Bubba and his wife swingers?

The Hulk Hogan sex tape has turned from pretty mundane to something that possibly could be made into a Cinemax After Dark movie.

If you thought it was odd that Bubba would let his best friend have sex with his wife, you shouldn’t be because according to Radar Online it happened all the time.

“Bubba regularly brought his wife’s sex tapes into work at the radio station and would show them to the staff,” the source says.

“When the Hulk tape was leaked none of his staff were surprised because they’d all seen it already! And that wasn’t the only tape they saw with Heather having a sex with a celebrity.”

“Staff that worked with Bubba were privy to at least two other tapes involving notable names,” the source said.

“It was just sort of a regular thing when it came to Heather and Bubba. They were known for taping Heather’s sexscapades and it just so happened to involve famous people sometimes.”

You can watch the clip here.


  1. Bubba is a Swinger and KNOWN Pervert Though… Everybody here in Chi-Town KNOW THIS (About Him Though…) SMDH

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