Calvin Johnson Takes Shot At Richard Sherman’s Self Given Nickname Optimus Prime


Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman wants your attention, and he wants to walk with the big dogs.

He now has both.

Sherman made some more headlines yesterday when he changed his twitter handle to Optimus Prime, the hero opposite of Calvin Johnson’s Megatron nickname.

Well word travels fast in this new age of media and Megatron got the message.

According to Detroit Lions Insider Tim Twentyman, Johnson will use it as motivation, but was not impressed.


Sometimes people get what they ask for, and if Matthew Stafford can get sometime to pass against what we’ll obviously be single coverage, Richard Sherman might get that transforming matchup he thinks he wants.


  1. Johnson, and the author of this article, have it wrong. Sherman didn’t give him the nickname, the fans did. There was a big twitter conversation about it 24 hours before Sherman changed his twitter name, including multiple tweets in which his account was tagged. Wide receiver Doug Baldwin got involved, and got the other members of the secondary to get him to change the name on his twitter account.

    Seriously, get your facts straight.

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