Caption The Photo: Mya and Her Thighs


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I was going to try to think of a sports related angle to post this, but then was like I own the site I can what I want.

20 thoughts on “Caption The Photo: Mya and Her Thighs

  • Thigher learning

  • Yeah man….I’ve had a thing for Mya since she 1st came out….luv those thick thighs and that lovely smile…great pics….too hell with a sports angle…lol

  • The lord is my Sheppard he knows what I want

  • Props to you for blessing us with this!!

  • Mya always had a beautiful body but I don’t ever remember her thighs being THAT thick! Photoshop???

    • I thought I was the only one thinking her thighs seemed thicker than normal.

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