Carlos Boozer Says Judge Him On Championships And Wins, Not Points

Bulls forward Carlos Boozer has taken a lot of heat for lack of production in big games and hopes winning a NBA Title can help calm some Bulls fans.

According to the Sun Times, Boozer thinks he should be judged on banners and wins, above everything else.

he biggest thing is wins, that’s what it all comes down to. Honestly. It comes down to wins and losses, everything else is water under the bridge. We win? Man, if we win, we’re going to party for a long time.’’

“People look at it from the wrong perspective,’’ Boozer said. “This isn’t Utah, and this isn’t just a team with me and [former Jazz point guard] Deron Williams on it. We’re playing with five scorers here, so your touches aren’t going to be the same, your looks aren’t going to be the same. It’s a different system.

“All the people should worry about is if we win. Criticize me if we lose, but if we win, just praise us.’’

“I haven’t won a championship in the NBA, but winning — winning cures all, man,’’ Boozer added. “Cures it all.’’

Carlos Boozer better understand he gets judge on production and that max deal he signed. Period.