Chris Bosh Says He’s Strong in a Wiry Way; Ready to Play Center for Heat

Besides Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard there aren’t a lot of quality centers in the NBA. The Heat proved you can win a title without one.

Their best power post player at this point is Lebron James.

Makes sense for Bosh to play the Center position considering how the Heat roster is currently constructed. Bosh had talked about bulking up for the role, but has given up that idea.

“It’s been like that for three years,” Bosh said. “After about three years I said forget it and just be myself. I’m never going to be big and just bulky like that.

“I’m strong but it’s a wiry strong and it’s two totally different things.”

“They need me to be fast against other [centers],” Bosh said. “That’s my advantage. We want to make teams match up to us and that’s how it’s going to be here.”

I think I know what he means, but he doesn’t have to be that strong since many teams don’t feature their centers offensively.

He just needs to be able to rebound and not get pushed around in the paint.

If the experiment doesn’t work the Heat can trot out the multiple dead bodies on their bench to play center.