Cowboys Email Fans With Instructions on How to Cheer For The Team

Sometimes when your team is good enough it doesn’t matter if you have fairweather fans, the Miami Heat are a good example of that.

Even the Giants in their past two Super Bowls years won the majority of their playoff games on the road.

With that being said this email provided by Larry Brown Sports is pathetic.

Dear [Season Ticket Holder],

Sunday we need every Dallas Cowboys fan to get on their feet, get loud and help the defense get a stop! Starting this week against the New York Giants, we will have a new third down graphic on the video board and we want you to get involved in the game.

When you see the video graphic playing on the video board, get on your feet and get LOUD! Together, we can make opposing teams dread coming to Cowboys Stadium.

If we all play our part, we can help give our Dallas Cowboys a true home field advantage.


Dallas Cowboys Football Club

Jerry Jones is a businessman. Cowboys Stadium is great for business and making money, but not a great homefield advantage and that is why the Cowboys are only 15-13 since the stadium debuted.