Dan Snyder Says He Would Binge On Junk Food Till 4 A.M. After Losses

Washington Redskins owner has been through his share of downs during his tenure, most due to his mishaps as owner of the proud franchise.

If this particular excerpt from an interview he did is true, I am beyond shock that Snyder never ended up on an episode of the biggest loser.

USA Today is reporting that during a recent interview that Snyder did for ESPN The Magazine, Snyder was very candid about how he would handle a lot of the tough losses his team would suffer.

“After losses, Snyder would stay until 4 a.m., pounding drinks, downing burgers and pizza and blaming himself for being, in the words of a friend, “his own worst enemy.”

It’s never been a secret that Snyder’s weight has fluctuated here and there since he’s been the owner, I just never would have though that he’d eat burgers, pizza and chips.