DeAngelo Hall And Giants Players Trade Verbal Jabs Over Cruz Touchdown

Some people have no filter for their mouths, or any sense of the proper time use it.

Take Washington Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall.

Hall hasn’t really been a productive player in years, but will take the time to spout off at the mouth every chance he gets.

The Washington Examiner reported that Hall once again took the opportunity to put his foot in his mouth for some unexplained reason.

Hall was asked about the scheme the secondary played on that final play.

 “We’ve done a great job as far as play-calling and things like that. Ultimately it’s on us to make plays. There’s only so much a coach can do to get you in that position.”

Hall was then asked about comments Eli Manning made regarding his knowledge of the Redskins coverage based on what they ran at the end of the first half.

“We tried to vary it as much as possible. For him to say that in the first half he picked up on it and to not make a play until the last play of the game? I don’t know how well he picked up on it. Ultimately he did because he made the play to beat us, but I don’t feel like he made that play. I feel we gave him that play. We just had one guy set his feet and one guy not do this.

Hall had the opportunity to leave at that with his answer.   It would have been a sound, precise answer.

That’s not good enough for DeAngelo Hall.  He added some more.

 I could have thrown that ball and he would have scored. It wasn’t something where he was a rocket scientist and he figured something out. We just played that as bad as possible.”

Well the Giants have now responded to Hall’s claim that the Skins blew that play and the Giants did nothing via the Newark Star Ledger.

Eli Manning responded after reading Hall’s comments.

“I appreciate him giving it to me,” Manning said. “Thank you.”

“I didn’t think it took a rocket scientist to figure it out, either. We had a guy running open, and we hit him.”

“If that’s the way they want to put it in their heads, then that is fine,” Manning continued. “But the fact is, that was the coverage. If they messed up, that is what you’ve got to do as an offense, you’ve got to take advantage of it. If a team wants to give up some plays, or they don’t want to play well on a certain day, it is our job to play better and make the plays and take advantage of that opportunity.”

Victor Cruz then added his two cents.

“guys take shots at us all the time.”

“I have no idea where it comes from,” Cruz said. I don’t know why some people say the things that they say. I think it’s just them feeling that type of way because they lost and the way they lost, these different teams and different players that have said things. I don’t know. I don’t know why it comes off that way, but it’s definitely a little disrespectful but we can’t dwell on it.

Justin Tuck finished Hall off appropriately.

“DeAngelo is not that smart if they gave it to them. I love how DeAngelo plays, he is an awesome player. But to give a person a game-winning touchdown…”

“For all you guys out there listening, if you play us, if you feel like you want to give us something, I will take some sacks. I am sure Eli will take more 70-yard touchdown passes, Coach Coughlin will take a couple more wins to separate himself from Coach Parcells, there are all types of things.”

Couldn’t have it better Justin.


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  • The safety blew the coverage, so It’s not like he’s wrong.

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