DeAngelo Hall Curses Out Ref, Gets Ejected From Game (Video)

DeAngelo Hall gets blocked to the ground and instead of getting mad at himself, Hall decides to take his frustrations out on an official.

Classic DeAngelo Hall.

You have to say more than the occasional curse word to get kicked out of a NFL game, watch Hall go well over that line.

7 thoughts on “DeAngelo Hall Curses Out Ref, Gets Ejected From Game (Video)

  • I’m sure DeAngelo Hall will say he meant to get ejected.

  • What else is new!!!! I’m from Atlanta and we’ve seen this all before when his mediocre cornerback playing ass got handled by Steve Smith of the Panthers!!! That’s just who this no class havin’ wannabee all-pro is!!! The main reason The Falcons kicked him to the curb!!!

  • Get rid of that loser D Hall… what a loser and big mouth, not even a good player, lucky Skins dont have any good DBs or he would be on bench where he should be

    Suspend this DB for rest of season then forever after… LOSER!

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