DeAngelo Williams Says Fantasy Owners Mad They Aren’t in NFL & Dumb For Drafting Him

You shouldn’t curse, threatened or wish harm on anyone on Twitter.

That is weak and I can understand why athletes get annoyed with all the Keyboard gangsters. Now, if you want to poke fun at them, I don’t see any issues with that and athletes shouldn’t be so sensitive.

It appears that fantasy football owners were giving it to DeAngelo Williams for his 6 carry, 6 yard, 1 fumble performance and Williams had enough.

No problem with his Tweet for one reason.

He specified the people who are Tweeting with bad language. If you read the Tweet he’s basically saying you were stupid for drafting him in the first place. I would say he knew something we didn’t know, but if you did any research you would know the Panthers just don’t like to run him a lot since Cameron Newton came into town.  Even so he just downgraded himself, so he should be making love to your fantasy football benches going forward.

$30 million guaranteed still in Williams’ bank account, so in the end his reality is better than our fantasies.


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