Demarcus Cousins Calls USA Select Team Experience Pure Politics

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousin is a young, passionate, emotional giant of a player.

That’t part of what hurts his game at this point, but also is what will eventually allow him to be a star as long as he continues to work.

Cousins was offered an opportunity to practice against the Dream Team while being a member of the US Select team.

Cousins was interviewed by Sports Illustrated recently and he deemed the experience one he didn’t like.

“I didn’t enjoy it,” he said of the experience. “I went out there, and … I’m not going to say I didn’t learn anything from it, because I did. But it was just, in my mind, another political battle. I learned more about politics. I saw the work ethic of the so-called elite in the league, and I took some notes from that and took that back with me. But as far as the rest of it? No.

“Honestly, the scrimmages were one-sided the whole time. To even have a chance, you had to play hard as hell. We were out there getting our heads knocked off, and if they’re going to play physical, then I’m going to play physical back. I’m not out there trying to start fights — just trying to stand on my own. But I guess the ignorance of people is they take it as being immature.”

Find it hard to believe he was called out for being to physical.

So he’s suppose to play on crews control while the stars go at him full force.

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