Deron Williams Asked Billy King To Stop Waiting On Dwight Howard

Deron Williams had a lot of clout during the period where the Brooklyn Nets were trying to resign him, and best believe he yielded it.  Real GM is reporting that Williams advised Nets general manager Billy King not to wait for Dwight Howard as the 2012 off-season approached.

“One thing Deron did say to me, he said, ‘Please, just don’t wait on Dwight. We can’t wait and not have a team.”

“The team of Brooklyn is bigger than one person. I owed it to the organization, I owed it to our fans, I owed it to Deron and the players that we have to build for Brooklyn, and we went forward and built our team.”

Deron and Billy King were both correct in their thinking.

As we soon found out, the Dwight Howard sweepstakes lasted well into the summer. and would have left the Nets without a serviceable roster had they waited around for Howard.