Deron Williams & AJ Price Get Into Shoving Match; D Will Delivers the Ether


A preseason fake fight usually isn’t that interesting to me, but I couldn’t ignore the verbal beatdown Deron Williams gave AJ Price.

A.J. Price who plays for the Wizards fouled Deron Hard in the last minute of the game which led to some pushing and shoving.

After the game though the victor was clear……..

Williams said Price, who was raised and played his high school basketball on Long Island, kept saying, ‘I’m home. I’m home.'”

“I hate when people just start talking for no reason,” Williams said. “That’s pretty much what he did.

“Maybe he had some boys in the crowd he wanted to impress while he can with the little minutes he’s going to get this year.

“‘It’s my home now.’ I told him that.”

Cold World………




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