DeSean Jackson Says Michael Vick is Still an Elite QB; Do You Agree?

You could argue that Vick was never an Elite Quarterback.

An elite athlete and an exciting quarterback, but he never seemed to reach his full potential. Sadly, because he spent his prime years in prison, we may never know what he might have evolved into.

He hasn’t been benched yet, but DeSean Jackson still has faith in him.

“You can’t ever blame it on one man,” Jackson said. “There’s been turnovers and things like that, but as far as Michael Vick and what he’s capable of doing, I think he’s still an elite quarterback.”

The Eagles’ problems go far beyond Michael Vick. He is one of the problems, but I believe part of the reason he struggles is because he isn’t being used properly or protected with a run game.

I don’t think Nick Foles is going to change the problems the Eagles have, but it appears Andy Reid will throw anyone under the bus to save his own job.