Dexter Strickland Says N.C. State Is Overrated, Not In Tar Heels Class

The college basketball season will officially get underway in a week or so, but that doesn’t stop the trash talking from starting early.

Many basketball experts feel N.C. State finally has  the players to win the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The North Carolina Tar Heel’s aren’t buying it, and according to, one Tar Heel in particular was harsh with his assessment of N.C. State.

Carolina point guard Dexter Strickland, fresh off a return from a knee injury, fired a direct shot towards Raleigh.

“They talk those guys up every single year and we beat them every single year,” Strickland said. “They are the least of our worries. Beat us one year and then they can talk smack. Until then, you can’t put them in the mix.”

This will be the first time in a long time, that all three teams in the triangle will be loaded.

The ACC is definitely a better league when UNC, Duke, and N.C. State are all competitive.