Dodger Stadium is Preferred site for NFL in Los Angeles

Finally it seems the NFL in Los Angeles is an actually possibility.

In what has been a long battle between the community of Los Angeles and the NFL, it seems support has risen for Dodger stadium to become the new host for a NFL team. The area Dodger Stadium resides in known as Chavez Ravine has had growing support from NFL officials over time, and if the new team didn’t play directly in Dodger Stadium the area around it is considered a terrific site for a new stadium.

According to CBS’ Sports Jason La Canfora, the NFL conducted meetings in Chicago on Sunday and it was determined no move would be made until 2014 at the earliest.

NFL commisioner Roger Goddell actually told Canfora himself the spaces around Dodger stadium were “a terrific site.” Another source close to the situation made it be known that Dodger Stadium is the preferred choice of all of the options, as the league looks to put a team back in Los Angeles.

We are still a couple year away from a major move taking place, but signs seem to point to the NFL returning to Los Angeles very soon. It will only be a matter of time.