Donald Trump calls Arod a ‘Less than Average Player’ since he stopped taking Drugs

The always out-spoken real estate mogul and fervent Yankees fan Donald Trump,went on an epic tirade in which he made his feelings in regards to Arod very well known.

Trump was talking on Michael Kay’s ESPN radio show  and said the following in regards to the struggling player: “I would terminate his contract, personally.  I think George (Steinbrenner) would’ve done that. I would terminate his contract on the basis that when he signed, he didn’t say he took drugs…Since he signed his contract, they found out that he took drugs…He actually admitted that he took drugs. Now he’s not taking drugs anymore, and without the drugs he’s a less than average player.”

Scathing words from Trump, but deeply tied to a personal dislike of Rodriguez as Trump admitted that he had a bad experience with Arod when he lived in one of his buildings.

Whether or not there’s some truth to Trump’s words were true, they just add to the mounting criticism of Arod as he endures another post season in which he fails to deliver as all eyes are on him. To date the Yankees are still indebted to him for $114 million so they’re essentially stuck with him. What Trump is implying is tantamount to the the Yankees bringing legal action against Arod as means to terminate his contract…a bit of a stretch, no? But what else would you expect from Trump’s mouth.