Donald Trump Says Derek Jeter Broke His Ankle Because He Sold His Condo


I think some people troll because they think it’s funny and they truly want to see what kind of reaction they’ll get.

When you have as much money as Donald Trump does, you can troll, make ridiculous comments,and not lose a moment of sleep over people’s reactions.

New York Yankees shortstop and captain Derek Jeter sold his fabulous Trump World condo for $15.5 million last week.

Saturday night Jeter broke his ankle and will be out up to three-months after surgery.

So who do you think takes to twitter to troll and show what kind of jerk he can be, while getting some attention.

I present to you Donald Trump.


Beyond ridiculous in my opinion and the wrong player to do it to.

It’s not like Trump can garner up sympathy for his comments.

H/T Sports Grid


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