Drug Dealer Arrested for Selling Heroin Named “Lebron James”

“If Jeezy paying Lebron, I am paying Dwyane Wade” Jay-Z “Empire State of Mind”

For those who don’t know that is an actual drug reference from Jay. Lebron’s number being the amount of money Jeezy would pay for a Kilo of coke and Jay saying he can get it a much cheaper price because he is the King of NY.

So, I can’t say I am surprised that a drug dealer trying to be creative would use Lebron as a name for his product. It isn’t unusual for dealers to name their product something catchy, so people can use code words instead of saying…

“Can I get some Heroin?”

If you ever seen the movie American Gangster the drug is called “Blue Magic”, but that is just one of 1000s of different names for drugs.  Both Usain Bolt and Jeremy Lin have weed products named after them.

This particular Philly drug dealer went the extra mile of putting a silhouette of Lebron dunking on his heroin packets. You have to appreciate his attention to detail.

The Drug dealer’s luck ran out when Upper Darby’s police raiding his trap house according to Pro Basketball Talk and seized 140 bags of the “Lebron James”.