Dwight Howard Doesn’t Want to Talk About His Future With Lakers

This is one of those situations where Dwight will never have a right answer. He has destroyed his reputation to the point that no one believes anything he says and so the best thing he can do is to say nothing.

But, by saying nothing he will make the Lakers fan base a little uneasy about his long term future with the team.

He was asked about what is his plans after this year and this is what he had to say.

“I’m not going to get into that stuff,” Howard said Friday in a quiet moment before the Lakers last to Sacramento, 103-98, in an exhibition game at Thomas and Mack Center.

“I’m happy that I’m here. This year is very important, and I’m looking forward to doing some great things here.”

It would be foolish for him to leave the Lakers, but what we have learned with Dwight Howard is to expect foolish things, so it isn’t a guarantee.