Dwight Howard: I’ve Never been Drunk in my Life

Dwight Howard’s image has certainly taken a hit over the past few months.

With the trade saga in Orlando and the flip flopping about what he truly wanted and where he wanted to play, people became sick of Dwight over time. Understandably so, as even I became tired of hearing about Dwight after awhile.

So now to hear a report that Dwight has never been drunk in his life, perhaps some repairing of his image is at play. Dwight has no reason to lie, but with being a rich and successful athlete I find this just a little hard to believe.

Per ESPN La’s Dave McMenamin: “I’ve learned three things about Dwight Howard that I didn’t know before training camp and doubt you did either.”

1. When he wears glasses, it’s not because he is jumping on some sort of Russell Westbrook hipster trend. He has bad eye sight and a strong prescription. He took out his contacts at his locker after the game Sunday and said he couldn’t make out the faces of the people on the other side of the room

2.He shoots free throws right handed, but he does everything else in his life left handed. Hence, his effective left jump hook. “I’m left handed for anybody who didn’t know,” Howard said Monday. “I’m left handed. I broke my wrist so I had to start shooting with my right. I do everything else with my left.”

3. Dwight has never been drunk in his life. In fact, he’s only had one alcoholic drink in his 26 years: a celebratory shot of CÎROC with his friends when the Lakers trade became official this summer.

Maybe a championship this season will be enough cause for two shots of CÎROC.