Dwight Howard Says He Cried Before Preseason Debut; Kobe Not Impressed

You never know if Dwight Howard is telling the truth or not, so it is entirely possibly this is a bold face lie. Similar to the one he told at his introductory press conference about the old lady (who became a young lady) who showed up outside of his hotel everyday begging him to sign with Lakers.

Maybe he did cry, maybe he didn’t. it is irrelevant in the long run.

Dwight Howard has one job and one job only, to get Kobe Bryant his sixth ring. That is something that Kobe isn’t going to let him forget.

Here is what Dwight had to say about his debut.

As the bright lights of the Hollywood stage enveloped Howard in the embrace of a deafening din, the strangest thing happened to the planet’s most dominant, most indomitable force: The moment moved him to tears.

“Emotional,” Howard would say outside his locker Sunday night. “A very humbling experience.”

On the occasion of his preseason Lakers debut, perhaps his truest and most important introduction to this most scrutinized job in sports – center for the Los Angeles Lakers – had come after the tears and ovation and his teammates pranking him by pushing Howard to lead them out of the tunnel – only to stop and let him run out there alone. For one, Kobe Bryant doesn’t do basketball laugh tracks, nor condone them.

I don’t play those games,” he grumbled later.

If Dwight wanted to cry about something, it should have been Thomas Robinson putting him on a poster, but I digress.

One thought on “Dwight Howard Says He Cried Before Preseason Debut; Kobe Not Impressed

  • Just as the Lakers appeared to jet out of the entrance tunnel, they stopped.

    Well, except Dwight Howard.

    The Lakers center made his debut at Staples Center by, well, storming onto the court by himself. The entire team waited several seconds before following Howard.

    “That was supposed to be something for rookies,” Howard said after the Lakers’ 99-92 preseason loss Sunday to the Sacramento Kings. “They got me.”

    They sure did.

    Lakers forward Pau Gasol waited nearly a full 10 seconds before finally catching up to Howard. By the time everyone reached the court, Gasol laughed with Howard near the scorer’s table?

    So whose idea was it to play a prank on Howard?

    ” I don’t know,” Lakers guard Bryant said. “It wasn’t mine. I don’t play those games … I didn’t know that was going to happen. They didn’t tell me that.”

    But Bryant seemed cool with it. After all, it turned out that little prank provide a good ice breaker for Howard, who admitted feeling nervous appearing in his first game since having back surgery six months ago.

    More importantly, Howard followed suit by posting 19-points on eight-of-12 shooting, 12 rebounds and four blocks in 33 minutes.

    “He was aggressive running the floor,” Gasol joked regarding Howard’s player entrance.
    “He got out really hard and was excited to get out there. Steve [Nash] held me back. I was the second guy. He held me back and let me get out there first. It worked. I didn’t expect it.”

    That’s because of one simple reason.

    “It was on the spot,” Nash said. “We have that kind of spontaneity in this locker room.”

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