Dwight Howard Says He Didn’t Win Defense Player of The Year Because of Media Perception

Dwight Howard’s off-year was still a better year than any other center in the NBA and truth be told he could win defensive player of the year every year.

He is a very good defensive player, it is the one thing he will help the Lakers with the most.

He didn’t win the award last year and that didn’t sit well with him. Here is what he had to say.

“I thought I should have won it last year, to be honest with you,” Howard told reporters after practice Monday. “I was a little bit upset about that.”

“I felt like I did my job to win it. I also feel like I didn’t because of the whole situation,” Howard said, referring to the uncertainty surrounding his future with the Magic and the distraction it became. “That played a factor in it.”

He is probably right to a certain extent, but his injury and the fact Tyson Chandler made the Knicks into a decent defensive team probably had more to do with it.

Howard says his goal is to win the award this year and if he does don’t be surprised if the Lakers are in the NBA Finals.