Dwyane Wade Shocked By Harden Trade, Says Thunder Still Best In West

The sports world, in particular the world of basketball was rattled a little bit Saturday night once news of Oklahoma City Thunder trading James Harden started to circulate.  

Everyone was shocked and social media exploded for a few hours there.

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade is one who says he was also shocked, but according to the Heat Index, Wade still feels the Thunder are the team to beat out West.

“It was shocking but they made the move they felt was right for them,” Dwyane Wade said.

“It shakes up the West a little bit. I think both team got fair value. I’m not a GM or anything but both teams came out pretty good… I’m not one of those guys who fell back too far. They have good depth, Kevin Martin is a pretty good scorer in this league. We’ll see how it shakes out but I still think they’re the best team in the West right now,” Wade added.

LeBron James also chimed in with his own opinion on the matter, and the King was a bit more skeptical.

“I think we all know that James Harden was a big part of their team,” James said. “He was a big part of why they made it to the Finals. They got a couple pieces back that are really good as well. But we don’t know how it changes their team until they actually get out there.”

We won’t really know the ramifications of this deal until the post season at best.

People forget that Kevin Martin is a proven 20 plus points a game scorer.  Jeremy Lamb should grow into a pretty good player in the mode of Harden.

Lets just wait and see people.