Eagles Owner Was Skeptical About Making Castillo Defensive Coordinator

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid waited until the bye week to start cleaning house.

Yesterday Reid fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo after another Eagles defensive collapse.

According to the Philly.com Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie had serious reservation about giving Castillo the job in the first place.

“Yes I did,” Lurie said. “But I let Andy make that call. I respected his decision. He felt it was the best thing to do at the time, and I don’t interfere in that area.”

While in Chicago attending the Owners meetings, Lurie was asked if he had any hand in the firing.

“I will never do that.”

“The way I operate, a coach is responsible for his staff. [He needs to] succeed or fail based on who he chooses and his own performance. I don’t trigger that.”

Lurie is a smart hands off owner, and if Andy Reid does indeed end up losing his job, he won’t able to say Jeffrey Lurie undermined him in any way.