Eagles Players Tried To Strip Vick Of Football He Carried All Week

Philly.com is reporting that Michael Vick and his Eagles teammates took it back in time in an attempt to remedy his bout with fumbling the football.

In a scene reminiscent from the film the Program, and football teams of year passed, Vick carried around a football during all meals, meetings and team activities, while his teammates took turns trying to strip the ball from him.

“Everyone thought it was funny, but I didn’t,” Vick said. “That’s how much I care about this team. That’s how much I care about our success.”

“There was a bounty on the ball,” Vick said, drawing laughter.

Vick is fully aware of the National conversation his fumbles have brought and he’s aware he need to fix it.

“It’s the nature of this business,” Vick said. “The things I need to do is correct it.”

“I don’t think it’ll be a concern when the game starts,” Vick said. “You don’t want to worry about things that can happen. You want to make it happen.”

Vick naturally just needs to take better care of the ball.  He isn’t blessed with the biggest of hands, so he needs to make better choices with the ball or take less risk period.