WR Jason Avant Says The Eagles are Undisciplined And Selfish Team


After a disappointing lost to the Detroit Lions in overtime, the Philadelphia Eagles are going into a bye week with a lot of questions on their minds from Andy Reid’s coaching, Vicks job security and the efforts they are making as a team. The Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant, answered  those questions for us, the Eagles are playing embarrassing and selfish football.

“It’s undisciplined football,” wide receiver Jason Avant told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “An undisciplined team at this point. Six games in, it’s embarrassing. That’s the word. Embarrassing. For coaches. And veteran players. With the mindset of, ‘Me before the team,’ in certain instances. And we need to address that.”

But Avant is the only Eagle speaking out about the inconsistencies of the team.

“The interesting thing about it is, Coach Reid is such a disciplinarian,” Nnamdi Asomugha said after another disappointing performance on both sides of the ball. “And there are times in the game where that becomes an issue. It makes no sense.”

With Eagle’s owner Jeffery Lurie breathing down their necks, the Eagles have to perform or drastic changes will be made. Lurie has told the team another 8-8 season will not be tolerated and with Andy Reid’s contract up in 2013, if Reid doesn’t turn around and win games, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him next year.

H/T: ThePigSkinReport.com